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Hi Signs | THE FATH GROUP offers the convenience of a 'ONE STOP' manufacturing facility for all your signage needs.


The initial conversation with your sales representative is the first contact that you will have with us. This is where we’re able to gather information on what you are looking for in a new sign. We discuss your intended audience, budget, timeline & type of sign that you are looking for. The sales person will do a brief survey of the area to inspect potential issues, hazards or accessibility limitations.

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Concept design

Our creative team will take all of the information gathered and create a concept rendering for your review. Details on fabrication & final colors may remain to be determined at this stage. Your sales person will provide our concept art along with the estimated cost to produce & install the proposed signage for your review.

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Once you are ready to move forward with the proposed signage, we will update the art proofs to shop drawings with complete details & specs. We will not move forward with production until proofs are signed, dated and returned to us. Billing information is to be discussed and confirmed with your sales representative once agreed upon. 

Stage 3

Stage 4

Site survey & Permit acquisition

A detailed survey of the area is done to ensure that the proposed signage will be appropriate in the existing environment. A site plan / curb to property map will be required to apply for the permit (depending on the location, this may be obtained from the City of Edmonton). We can prepare the permit art and submit to the city for final approval on your behalf for a nominal fee. A landlord permission letter may be required prior to manufacture & install. An Alberta first call may also be required if there is a new base required for your sign.

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Once the artwork, payment & permits are approved, production art and detailed drawings will be released to production and added to our timeline and schedule. The production manager will review & distribute to each department accordingly. Quality control checks are met once the sign is ready to move onto the next stage.

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Stage 5

Stage 6


Once your sign has met all the quality control checks, our professional installers transport and install the sign to the approved location. Our team has all the appropriate safety certifications & experience to allow for a proper and smooth installation process.

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We stand behind our signs; therefore, Hi Signs warrants products against defects due to faulty material or workmanship for a period of one 1 year from the date of installation. A comprehensive warranty manual is presented upon the completion of projects with exterior illumination or electronic message centres. Many of our suppliers also offer extended warranties that we're able to extend onto a selection of our signs.

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Stage 7

Stage 8

Maintenance & Repair

In efforts of extending the life of your investment, we offer maintenance and repair services for various concerns or upgrades that you may come across, including LED conversions.

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