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Signage for your business is extremely important for your corporate branding. Choosing the right kind of signage is crucial; for that Hi Signs can help! Whether you own a retail space, small or large business, signage needs to be recognized and found by your customers. Signage is also important outside of your business for events and off-campus activities.

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Hi Signs is more than custom signage. We have an entire Traffic Product and Rental Division, currently running through,, and We offer Traffic Product Sales and Rentals, Regulatory / Parking Signs, Warning and Construction Signs, Sign Posts, Hardware, Delineation, Traffic Control, Industrial Safety, TDG & WHIMIS, Street Signs / Extruded Signage, Traffic Guide / Info Signs, and other Miscellaneous On-Demand products.

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What is the advantage of renting vs. buying?

- Rentals are a tax write-off.
- There is no risk in renting, return it at any time.
- Traffic regulations change frequently and rental products are always up to date.
- Never get stuck with obsolete signs.
- Rental are a great way to test products before you buy them.
- Zero storage & warehousing costs when you rent, simply return them once your job is complete.

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