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Harnessing the power of Daktronic's strong line of products and support, Hi Signs is a proud partner utilizing their technology within our sign designs.  Our partnership offers you the advantages of our sign experience, backed by the power of modern LED electronic sign technology, over 50+ years of market experience, and a strong return on investment.  We use the highest-grade components and design standards, manufactured and supported within North America. Daktronics designs our display systems from the display to the software and they source the best circuit boards, plastics, motherboards and power supplies.  Not only are you getting the best, but you're also getting the most reliable products in the market.

GrandPrairie EMC SML


Quick Install

No matter how large the display, its features help make first-time fire ups successful:

  • Quick connections offer plug-and-play capability
  • External junction box for easy power connection
  • Mounting clips on the display back provide several easy ways to install the display
  • Front ventilation simplifies installation
  • No space for airflow is required on any side of the cabinet when shrouding


Easy Service

If your sign ever needs maintenance or service, technicians can access the components through the single-step module removal.

Our specialists are here to assist you in maximizing your return on investment by proper product selection, application design, expert implementation and after-sales service in this complex and ever-changing marketplace. We understand what is required for permitting regarding size and brightness limitations in different municipalities. We help make it easy!



LED Message Board Solutions:

  • Scoreboards
  • Message Displays
  • Video Displays
  • Digital Billboards
  • Digital Street Furnature
  • ITS Dynamics Message Signs
  • Sound Systems
  • Digit and Price Displays
  • Space Availability Displays
  • Indoor LCD Signage


Control your display anywhere, anytime, from any device! 

Pair your message display with the new control solution – Venus® Control Suite. This software combines functionality with a great user experience. No software to download or operating system compatibility concerns. Instant updates ensure you always have access to the latest tools in the newest version.

Contact us with any questions you may have about Electronic Message Centers by Daktronics and Hi Signs! Get a quote instantly. 

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