What is Wayfinding?

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First, let’s imagine going to an airport and trying to figure out where you need to go without any signage, maps, or symbols to help guide your way. Not only would this would be extremely frustrating, but stressful and time-consuming. This is where Hi Signs Wayfinding Program can help.

segd We are members of the SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design).

Wayfinding refers to information and signs that guide visitors and guests through a physical environment and are designed to help enhance their experience and understanding of the space. It is extremely important in complex environments and buildings with multiple areas. The base of wayfinding is to help people find their way.

In order to avoid frustration of your guests, they often need visual cues such as maps, arrows, directions, and symbols to find their way through your facility or location. Wayfinding is needed at Transportation Facilities such as Busing & Subway Systems, as well as at University/Training Campuses, Healthcare Facilities, Urban Centres, and Municipalities. These areas can prove to be stressful and time consuming for people to find their direction if little or no wayfinding has been put in place.

Effective wayfinding often provides more safety, security, and overall comfort/happiness of your guests and customers. If they can easily find their final destination or area within your building, wayfinding has already reduced their initial stress of “being lost”. Municipal wayfinding is extremely important to your towns and cities, to enhance local and visitor movement.

Hi Signs offers complete wayfinding design, setup, and installation to help simplify routes and map out areas within your building or location. We develop the signage and information systems in-house for both pedestrians and motorists, each having their own challengers navigating streets and walkways.

Many wayfinding systems include signage, maps, arrows, color-coding, symbols, and other communications to help ease the flow. We focus on creating a plan to use easy-to-follow signage and legible directions to your customer or guest’s destinations.

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