Are Your Parking Signs Enforceable?

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Do you have problems with vehicles parked illegally on private property?  Hi Signs is knowledgeable in regulations and can help ensure your parking signs can be legally enforced.  Here are some of the requirements needed in a private parking so tickets can legally be issued.  Once registered through the Agency Volunteer Parking Program, the City of Edmonton gives you the ability to issue City of Edmonton parking tickets on your private property.  Contact us for more information or to review your current signage.

Writing must face the street with the following wording “Private Property: Unauthorized vehicles may be tagged and towed at owner’s expense” with proper bylaw numbers posted on sign for your area.

Requires use of nationally recognized symbol, with a sign installed on each stall.  Painted pavement markers alone are not enforceable.

Visitor parking must have a very clear definition of who is a “visitor” and who is not.  Signage can include a time limit, placards, or a sign-in sheet.

"No Parking" signs must be clear and visible at all times of the year with directional arrows.  These signs can be no more than 20 meters apart.

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