How else can Signage be used?

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Signage for your business is extremely important for your corporate branding.  Choosing the right kind of signage is crucial; for that Hi Signs can help!  Whether you own a retail space, small or large business, signage needs to be recognized and found by your customers.  Signage is also important outside of your business for events and off-campus activities.

Company Signage:

You want your customers to know where you are, whether a big or small business.  Signs placed on your building or as a pylon/monument creates a good first impression.  If people can’t find your business, you lost that business.

Outdoor Advertising:

Having signs outside of your business helps draws people inside.  A-boards, Blackboards, Pamphlet Inserts are more than just your company name.  You can advertise specials, events, and other promotions quickly and easily.

Shop Front Signs

Any retails space needs an effective front sign for your business.  A first impression of your business is extremely important, so without a professionally designed and constructed sign, you may be sending the wrong message about your business.  Signage is even more important if you are in an area with lots of other businesses trying to get their customer’s attention.

Vehicle Signage:

Advertise your business wherever you go by placing vehicle graphics on your company vehicles.  It not only looks more professional, but people noticing your vehicle could attract new business.  There is big exposure from having vehicle signage.

Regardless of the size or location of your business, signage is a must have and is often overlooked.  Contact the Hi Signs creative team to help design, build, and install the perfect signs for your business.

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