Does Your Business Need a Rebrand?

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Businesses often need a rebrand in order to stay relevant and up to date in today’s markets.  Industries and customers change over the years and the willingness to adapt will keep you above the curve.  The Hi Signs | The FATH Group Creative Team can help create a rebranding strategy to promote your business growth.  From there, the designs would go to our Project Managers who then manage the project from building signage in-house to installing them at your location.

Rebranding does not mean you need to change everything.  You may want to completely reinvent your logo design, slogan, and materials, brand vision, etc or may just change something like signage.  New, updated signage can help reintroduce your company to the public and give your company a more modern look.  You don’t always need a major change in your business name or products to stay relevant.

If you’re looking to change direction or reach a new market, a rebrand is usually necessary.  Here are three major reasons it may be time to refresh your look.

  1. Your name isn’t relevant anymore

Businesses change and evolve over years and often when starting out, a name was picked that is no longer suitable for your product or industry.  If you’re expanding globally, your name may be already be in use or it may translate a different meaning.  Maybe you have a name that people connect to on one side of the country but doesn’t resonate on the other side of the country.  You may have expanded your product lines but your business name only targets your original vision.  Changing a business name that no longer fits the products it’s selling will help market your entire line and refocus your branding vision.

  1. You want to attract top talent

Branding is two-sided in which it helps you attract customers and new business, but on the other hand it also attracts employees.  It is an extension of the company’s personality, and employees take this into mind when applying to, and staying in, positions at your company.  If other businesses in your industry are hiring top talent while you still have vacant roles you may want to look at your branding and image.

  1. You want to target new demographics

Businesses grow in more ways than just geographically.  If you’re looking to reach a new demographic you may want to look at rebranding.  With market research, you can see what customers you are currently targeting and what needs to change to expand that target market.  If your brand no longer fits the extended market you want to reach, it may be time to look at your branding and choose something more universal.  For example, a business named ‘Baby Store Inc’ may have started carrying products for kids and adults as well.  Kids and adults probably won’t be shopping for themselves at a store called ‘baby store inc’, the name itself pushes that market away.

There are many reasons to change your branding, even if it’s just to shake things up and make a change.  We often see this with Coca Cola and Pepsi, who have changed their looks multiple times, just to stay relevant.  And it works.

If you think you may need a rebrand, or are interested in new exterior and/or interior signage please call our Sales Team who can answer any questions you have.  Hi Signs | The FATH Group would love to take the rebranding journey with you.

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