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What is the advantage of renting vs. buying?

- Rentals are a tax write-off.
- There is no risk in renting, return it at any time.
- Traffic regulations change frequently and rental products are always up to date.
- Never get stuck with obsolete signs.
- Rental are a great way to test products before you buy them.
- Zero storage & warehousing costs when you rent, simply return them once your job is complete.

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Creating a new business identity can be complex when the company has only been established. An effective brand identity is crucial from the beginning, to help lay the foundation and branding guidelines moving forward. With an established identity, partners, investors, suppliers, and customers can more easily understand the business and what its offerings are.

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Do you have problems with vehicles parked illegally on private property?  Hi Signs is knowledgeable in regulations and can help ensure your parking signs can be legally enforced.  Here are some of the requirements needed in a private parking so tickets can legally be issued.  Once registered through the Agency Volunteer Parking Program, the City of Edmonton gives you the ability to issue City of Edmonton parking tickets on your private property. 

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