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The International Sign Associate (ISA) has chosen its 2019 ISA Elite Class, with our very own Kelso Brennan being one of only four Canadians chosen.  Those named by the organization are said to be “the next generation of sign graphics and visual communications industry leaders”.

This is a one of a kind program that only has 37 participants total throughout North America.  Selected participants are involved in sign creation and installation, while others are in sales, marketing, and business/product development.  The first meeting of the 2019 ISA Elite Class is at the Las Vegas, NV International Sign Expo 2019 in April.

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First, let’s imagine going to an airport and trying to figure out where you need to go without any signage, maps, or symbols to help guide your way. Not only would this would be extremely frustrating, but stressful and time-consuming. This is where Hi Signs Wayfinding Program can help.

Wayfinding refers to information and signs that guide visitors and guests through a physical environment and are designed to help enhance their experience and understanding of the space. It is extremely important in complex environments and buildings with multiple areas.

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Channel letters are commonly used in exterior signage on businesses and buildings.  They are typically aluminum or plastic, and shaped into 3D letter forms.  The face refers to the surface seen by the customer while the return refers to the sides of the letter or the can.  Channel letters are mounted individually on a wall or are mounted to a backing before because mounted to the wall.

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