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With five trucks in our fleet, we establish service contracts with many of our customers and provide installation for our own complex projects.

Hi Signs has received COR Certification of Recognition Awarded under the Manufacturers Health and Safety of Alberta. We employ individuals that are trained and certified by the Alberta Sign Association (ASA) as Installation Technicians (Sign Service and Installation Technician – SSIT).

The need to convert to LED lighting is growing quickly as there are many benefits to reap from this upgrade. We specialize in retrofitting & converting neon or fluorescent lamps into LEDs in an ongoing effort of reducing the global carbon footprint. LED lights illuminate more evenly, the efficiency & lifetime of the bulbs outlasts the other lighting options by at least five times as long & they pose little to no threat to the environment.

Benefits of using LED Lighting
Advantages of LED lighting over older fluorescent lighting:
  • Built more durable, more resistant to impact and vibration
  • Gives off a brighter, whiter light, increasing the impact and visual appeal of your sign
  • No hot spots
  • Increased longevity, greatly reduces both power consumption and future maintenance
  • Free of mercury and toxic gas, reducing impact on the environment
  • Emit less heat, therefore making them a safer & easier to maintain option
  • Better performance in extreme temperatures

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