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The site survey & permit acquisitions are an important part of developing the proposed signage.

A detailed survey of the area is done to ensure that the proposed signage will be the appropriate scale, while also taking into account the existing environment. This information identifies potential issues that may occur during installation and evaluates the building structure. Our team works with the client, architects and developers to achieve the final outcome for the project.

We are committed to keeping the process as simple for our clients as possible. Therefore, our skilled permit department works with the City Planning Departments to obtain permits for our signage systems. Leave this step to us and we will help to expedite this necessary step.

A permit is required for all signs within the City of Edmonton with the exception of the following:
  • Freestanding signs no more than 2.1 meters in height from the grade. 
  • Changing the existing wording on a sign with no change to the support structure or company.
  • Cloth banners or signs painted on the building.

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